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J.D. Power "DOE" Award


As the first California dealership to qualify for the J.D. Power Dealer of Excellence (DOE) award, our Porsche dealership has distinguished itself for strong sales, high levels of customer satisfaction and delivering on our promises. Located in Thousand Oaks, CA, this dealership serves Los Angeles, Calabasas, Oxnard, Malibu and the surrounding areas. These practices have earned us this unique and prestigious honor, and we're looking forward to everybody's hard work paying off with a boost of recognition from potential customers, and bringing back returning shoppers for all their luxury car needs. Find out more about why a J.D. Power award like the DOE recognition is such an honor and what it takes to be awarded.

As one of the most trusted consumer insight leaders, J.D. Power clearly has some heft behind its awards and recognitions. For more than a half-century, consumers of a wide range of products have trusted J.D. Power's insights, data and analytics, all in the name of making the best purchasing decisions. In fact, 83 percent of new car buyers report they trust what J.D. Power has to say about dealerships and individual vehicles. That's why the DOE Award is so important to us, especially when you consider our Los Angeles area Porsche dealership is the first recipient from California, a state filled with so many auto dealerships.

So how did Rusnak / Westlake Porsche take home the DOE Award? Well, it wasn't easy, as this recognition is difficult to even earn a nomination for. According to J.D. Power, only about one in every 10 dealerships who apply will pass the stringent criteria. Our dealership was up to the task however, already being one of the highest performing Porsche sellers in the country. Beyond qualifying for Porsche's "Premier Dealer" honor, we applied for the DOE recognition, being the first California auto seller to earn the opportunity for a J.D. Power pre-screening and on-site visit.

Even after crossing those initial hurdles, we knew we were in for a tough task to take home the DOE Award. "They made us provide our sales tracking numbers, came and met with our staff, checked our website, verified our sales and delivery process - the whole shebang," said Keith Goldberg, GM of Rusnak / Westlake Porsche. "They took their job seriously and it actually made me feel better knowing that another dealer cannot simply "buy" their way into the program. They didn't mess around." That proves that this is an award that actually requires hard work and attention to detail, instead of many kinds of recognition in the auto industry that are far less discerning when it comes to propping up businesses.

While the DOE Award is relatively new, the J.D. Power name and the kind of recognition it's passed along has been around for decades. Now we here at Rusnak / Westlake Porsche will be able to leverage the power of the J.D. Power name with our advertising and marketing efforts, hopefully helping more luxury car drivers select our dealership. Find out more about what makes us an award-worthy Porsche dealership by visiting us over today.